Octordle is an online brain teaser in which your objective is to make an effort to solve 8 challenging puzzles at one.

Octordle is developed by Keneth Crawford and is known as a significantly more tricky version of Wordle as Octordle requires the multitasking skills of the player. Although the rule of Octordle is nearly the same as Wordle with the same color-coding as the same five-letter words, the eight-puzzle version adds a major level of challenge to the overall experience, making it both unpleasant and gratifying.


If you are a big fan of word games or you used to play Wordle, it is not hard to comprehend the rules of Octordle. Are you ready to have a wonderful experience in the world of concurrent word-guessing of Octordle?

Octordle has eight grids, which passes eight times that in Wordle. Thus, it requires more attempts to conquer and you need to prepare a carefully smart strategy and tactful approach.

First, you need to take a glance at the first grid, it needs to be completed fastly and quickly before the latter grids. Thanks to your first tries, you can discover enough letters on every grid and absolutely you can pick the gird with more revealed and apparent words.

You need to make an attempt to guess the word as soon as you can and type it quickly. When you are stuck in a challenging situation and you have zero tries, you can not pass and you will lose Octordle. So, to prevent this case, you need to find the rest of the grids to find other chances of guessing when you are stuck or find it hard to escape from the impossible situation


Prepare suitable starting words. 

Similar to Wordle, you need to utilize 5-letter words with fewer vowels and words to your prior guesses — at least for the first few attempts as you try to figure out how the letters in the word are arranged. ADIEU, ABOUT, EQUAL, OUIJA, AUDIO, and LOUIE are some examples of good words containing 3-4 vowels. You can take a glance at the letters including S, E, A, O, I, T, N, and U while guessing as these one are appreciated as the most letters in five-letter words. Guess other tough words in order to find another accessible approach.

Learn experience from other players

Another tip to help you succeed in Octordle quickly is to learn experience from other players. You can take a glance at the comment below and share your hard cases or you can show off your achievement and your experiences during playing Octordle. Our team makes an effort to create this space for all players to share everything and it is better that you can make friends with others gamers from four corners of the world. Have fun!!!


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