Absurdle is a great word game that is similar to Wordle and you will be in a push-and-pull style. Absurdle is all about outwitting the odds, so you'll need a clear set of letters to get started.



The letters in the input guessed words act as feedback for the game engine, which it utilizes to construct a word pool of possible responses. The game relies on your ability to compel the system to shrink the word pool to the term you've chosen — but it's not as simple as it seems, and it doesn't work in a linear manner.

Because Absurdle is all about defying the odds, you'll need a clear set of letters to get started. You start with striker words that sweep undesirable letters off the table, just like in Wordle... On Absurdle, however, there is no undesired letter at the start of the game equation because there is no mysterious word.

Because the number of possibilities for use is limitless, focus your efforts on introducing original letters (without any special bias towards letters or words). The system does not give positive feedback (green or yellow highlight) to any of the unique letters in the words submitted in the screenshot below, despite the fact that no letter is repeated.


Every day, you must guess a five-letter word that is different, and you must try until you get it right or you will fail.

If you type the erroneous letter, your turn will turn gray.

When a proper letter is typed incorrectly, it turns yellow.

If the letter is correct and in the proper location, it will be green.

Plurals will never be used in response to a question.

Letters might appear twice or even three times in a single word.


  • This game is also suitable for kids, it can exercise your brain and have fun
  • It's simple to learn and play, but mastering it could be difficult.
  • You can become a world expert by taking the Absurdle
  • Anyone who enjoys word games like Octordle and Wordle will appreciate this game


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