Cookie Crush 3

Cookie Crush 3

The most intriguing variation of Cookie Crush 3 requires you to mix three or more delectable cookies in order to get rid of them all.


It's time for Cookie Crush 3, the most recent iteration of the well-known and addicting match-3 game. A much has changed since you last visited. The sweeter, of course! Everything has recently become a bit livelier and more enjoyable. The core of Cookie Crush 3 remains the same as the game you already know and love. Again, you must combine at least three delicious sweets in order to take cookies off the board and continue on your trip. There is, however, more! Let me introduce your charming new host, Gingy. He'll be pleased to guide you through the more than 700 levels and give you all the tricks and techniques needed to solve even the most challenging puzzles. Come back each day to claim your daily goodies. Play the daily challenge to gain additional stars that can help you open chests of riches and gates to new levels, or do the daily missions to gain more money and boosters.

Play Cookie Crush 3 right now for free to benefit from the endless enticing match-3 challenges and sugar-free delights!

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