Dordle is another excellent word game in which you need to pay attention to both yellow squares and green tiles to guess strategically and win



The rules are the same regardless of which mode you choose to play. It's similar to Wordle, but players must predict both words at the same time. For both terms together, there are seven possible answers. The letter is within the word, but in a different location, as indicated by yellow squares. The letter is in the correct spot if the tiles are green.

In a Dordle puzzle, the first word is the most crucial. You want to pick a word that will help you swiftly filter down your options. Don't squander your first letter on double letters or uncommon letters like Q or Z. Words like RATIO, CREST, AUDIO, and IRATE, which contain a lot of common letters, are usually solid suggestions. Remember that many words finish in ER, R, E, or S. 


While playing, make sure you pay attention to both words and don't focus too much on a word that is stumping you. This is a simple technique to waste guesses. When making a guess, take your time. Dordle isn't a timed game, so take as much time as you need to properly consider each guess. If you're having trouble mapping out your guesses in your head, use scrap paper.


Dordle is a game that is similar to Wordle in terms of playability. Free play and daily play are the two game modes. Both daily mode and free play have the same functionality. The only difference is that in daily mode, everyone has the same word for the day. In free play mode, you can choose from a variety of puzzles to solve at your leisure.

You will have fun with octordle and absurdle

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