Dungleon is most likely the most original and unique concept for a Wordle-like game on this list. 

How to engage with Dungleon

Dungleon has no relation to words, making it unique. The goal is to identify what a Dungeon is. Your guesses will not contain letters. Instead, they will be made of miniature images depicting heroes, monsters, treasure and other fantasy-related items. Like Worldle, each guess occupies one of five slots. You have six chances before losing. If the icon turns blue, it is correctly placed. If it turns yellow, it's not right where it should be. If it turns red, it's not in the dungeon.

There are rules. But there are also hidden rules. They can only been learned by playing the game many times. First, every dungeon contains a hero (who faces the right) as well as a monster (who is facing the left). The plus sign on the icon will indicate that the icon can be reused, even if it appears multiple times in the puzzle (Dungleon in this case is more generous than Wordle).

 While the game is based in Dungeons & Dragons', it uses Wordle to its format. Each day presents a different building-a-dungeon problem. There were monsters. Explorers. And loot. Some monsters appear only on certain days or with other monsters. You need to uncover all unspoken rules.


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