Duotrigordle is a free game in the long list of spin-off Wordle games in which you need to guess 32 words with 32 boards at the same time.

How to play Duotrigordle

Due to the game's ease of play and the fact that you only have 32 chances each day to complete the task, Duotrigordle is now a highly difficult puzzle to solve. Without the need to download anything or install the game, Sedecordl is a totally free word guessing game. In the 32-grid game Duotrigordle, your sole emphasis must be on guessing each phrase as quickly as you can—in no more than two or three tries—in the shortest time possible. In thirty-seven attempts, find the concealed word. Each attempt must contain a term with a minimum of five letters. To indicate how close you are to hitting the word after each attempt, the color of the letters changes. You have to simultaneously solve 32 words. Once they've finished the day's game, Duotrigordle lets players start a brand-new one. Simply return and press or click free Duotrigordle after completing your daily Duotrigordle.
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Rules for success

There are no letters in the word on the upper left.
The R is positioned incorrectly and the D is positioned correctly in the word on the top right.
The L is positioned incorrectly in the bottom-left word.
The O is in the proper place and the D is in the incorrect place in the word on the bottom right.

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