Fast Four Word

Fast Four Word

In the brand-new word game Fast Four Word, you must string together the most words in 44 seconds to meet the daily challenge.


Fast Four Word is an original concept. You must input a word that only differs by one letter after entering a four-letter beginning word in this Wordle-inspired game. Make a chain of four-letter words as long as you can, beginning with the day's active word. Before the timer expires, repeatedly change one letter of the active word to get a new active. The letter you are altering must be in a different place than the highlighted one if the currently active word is highlighted.


To begin with, if you swapped the A for a TR, the T would be pinned in its place, forcing your subsequent word to begin with T. While creating four-letter words is simple, THEM, THEN, and THEY are limited. You'll be stranded in a dead end, hoping that the term "SHEN" really existed.

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