Flagle is a new word game that is similar to octordle and wordle guess as many mysterious world flags as you can in six tries



Flagle free mode is a basic game that has gone viral due to its simplicity and the fact that you only have six daily attempts to complete the task (the same for everyone, plus ). If the user solves the country flag, they will not be able to play for another 24 hours. From our perspective, it's a success because it's portrayed as an addictive daily task.


In six trials, locate the concealed flag.

A legitimate country from the list must be selected for each attempt.

After each try, the game will disclose a different part of the flag and provide a distance indication.

The Flag wordle game allows you to share the results on social media, illustrating the sequence of attempts with colors but not revealing the Flagle answer today, increasing the intrigue and curiosity to discover the word of the day, as well as the competition between some users for guessing the country first. Each country's hints are unique. Every day a new flag!

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