Gordle is a great version of Wordle that you can play every day and use five-letter words to guess the names of hockey players.


Gordle is a version of Wordle that has been changed. It has both the names of the players and details about how the game is played. It's also a guessing game about words that gets everyone's attention.

The players must be able to guess the names of their hockey players, not just random words or other common words. Players and hockey circles have a lot of fun with these five-letter words. This was the first time anyone found out about it. It was helped by a podcast that blew it out of the water.

Gordle vs Wordle

It is the harder version, but it has the same grid, strategies, and guessing and playing games. You have to find the five-letter word in the grid given.

You have to put the letter in the grid to see if it is a match. To find the right spot, it's best to use the grid colors to figure out the exact letter (Green, Yellow, and Grey).

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