Hertl is an new version of Wordle in which you need to show off your exceptional skills of guessing a NHL famous player within eight tries.


Due to its ease of use and the limited number of attempts you have each day to complete the challenge, this easy hobby has become very popular. With no need to download anything or install the game, the Hertl Online game is a totally free word guessing game. Using the 1-grid technique in the Hertl NHL Wordle, you must predict an NHL player as quickly as you can.

In as few trials as possible, identify the NHL player.

The participant in the solution will be an active fantasy gamer.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change depending on how near your guess was to the player.

Green indicates a match in any column.

The correct conference is represented by yellow in the division column, but the proper division is not.

Yellow in the position, age, and country columns indicates that the player is within two (inches, years, or numbers) of the proper number.


A hockey mysterios player in the NHL is what you play as in the Hertl game, which only gives you eight tries. Your player will provide you with advice and hints as you compose it for each attempt.

You have eight guesses; pick any active NHL player!

A matching row will be green in any column!

Red means that there is no match in any column.

Nearly every player from the NHL database has been included to make searching easier.

Every day a different mysterious player!

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