Hogwartle - A new subset of Wordle will make Potter fans stand out from other users. This fan-made Harry Potter game contains every five letter term. It could be "wands" (or "books"), or a name that includes "Avery," Padma," and "Harry."

Hogwartle online word puzzle is available for free. You have six chances at guessing the correct Hogwarts words by using five letters. Minerva, who releases a new Harry Potter Word Search every day, created this game. Each day, the Hogwarts Harry Potter puzzle update is at 12 a.m. EST. Everyday you will be sent a new music puzzle. By playing each day, you'll unlock answers and word-games.

How to play

Wordle and Hogwartle differ only in that both the source and solution lists contain Harry Potter terms. It works exactly the same way as the original game in all other respects. You will need to write five-letter words. If the letters are part of the final word, they will glow yellow or green. Plurals are prohibited.

Only Harry Potter-related terms may be used for guesses or answers.

You can also find a different Wizarding Wordle-game. Alternatively, Lord of the Rings could be more to your liking if Tolkien prefers Rowling.


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