Larry Birdle

Larry Birdle

Larry Birdle is a simple word game in which you have to guess the answer to various puzzles related to a NBA famous player within eight tries.


Due to its ease of use and the fact that you only get eight chances per day to complete the task, this easy hobby has become very popular. With no need to download anything or install the game, Larry Birdle NBA is a totally free word-guessing game. You must predict an NBA player as quickly as you can using the grid method in Birdtle. Give any active NBA player one of your eight guesses.
The color yellow in the column serves as a hint.
Enable silhouette mode if you run into trouble.
Every day a different mysterious player! After concluding the day's games, Larry Birdle doesn't permit players to play a brand-new game. You can play Infinite Bird if you keep reading, and we'll show you how. You must figure out Larry Birdle on the eighth try if you want to achieve its goal of correctly guessing an NBA player in eight tries. The game provides a list of every potential player, and you must select the one you believe to be Larry Birdle's current player from among them all. For each player, there are different hints. Every day, a different mysterious player!

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