In the intriguing word game PhourWord, you must utilize your English vocabulary to unravel a tricky puzzle.


Online word game PhourWord has terms with a greater degree of difficulty. You may continue speaking by utilizing the recommended color term rather than a word that comes to mind at random.

The player has the option to make predictions. An incorrect assumption may lead to the death or replacement of a life. The game offers 6 letter combinations.


Both top to bottom and left to right may be used to spell words.

Drag letters to the edges, or click on a center letter, then an empty space, to position them.

Click on a letter to remove it from a blank spot.

Click the SUBMIT button after you've made sure your placements are accurate.

Points are deducted for each letter that is submitted. Put the puzzle in just once to get the most points.

Click CLEAR to eliminate any guesses you didn't submit. To insert a letter in the proper location, click HINT. But a clue won't get you any points.

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