Poeltl is an awesome guessing word game in which you need the find out the name of the players from the National Basketball Association (NBA) within eight tries. 


With eight trials, Poeltl allows you to guess the player's name. It functions in a similar way to Wordle. The player's silhouette is also provided by Poeltl as an additional hint (much like the "Who's that Pokemon?!" in the Pokemon games). Start guessing for additional hints if you are unable to identify what is in the silhouette.


Visit Poeltl

Click "display silhouette" right away to get inspiration.

Enter the player's first and last name. There is a drop box accessible for potential matches, like the one below.

After entering the information, the player's information, including the team, conference, division, position, height, age, and number, will be displayed.

From here, begin gathering information in accordance with the highlighted or non-highlighted player details.

Green means the mystery player's information has been matched.

The details highlighted in yellow below explain what they signify.

played for the team in the past

Playing/capable positions for each player (Guard, Forward, Center)

Some players have the ability to switch between positions.

Other columns: plus or minus 2 for jersey number, age, and height (inches, years).

Matches not highlighted

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