Primel is a new prime guessing game with the number theme in which you need to guesses at a mystery term and make an effort to finf a five-gigit prime number


Primel is rather simple to play if you have a decent understanding of prime numbers. To begin, start with a five-digit prime number. You'll receive a sequence of green and yellow tiles depending on how close your word is to the correct prime number for the day. The number in the correct space is shown by green tiles. You have the correct number but it belongs in a different space if you obtain a yellow tile. You'll have six chances to get it right.

Learn how to solve problems and solve puzzles.

Patience and focus are two traits that should be cultivated.

It's a good idea to work on your memory and strategic thinking.

Reflex issues must be addressed.

Teach your mind to think in new ways.

This game is comparable to Octordle and Numberle in terms of gameplay.

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