Quintessential, a spinoff of Wordle, has unique characteristics due to its puzzle-like presentation. 

How to play

You will be presented with five words based upon the topic of each day when you visit the game page. To achieve the correct arrangement, swap the letters out of place as fast as you can. The goal of the game is to correctly guess the five horizontal words within the shortest possible time. To solve the puzzle, you must swap letters and unscramble them. You can win the game in just eight moves. Wordle asks you only to guess five letters.
To create the correct words, you will need to swap letters. A green tile means that the correct letter has been placed in the correct place, while a yellow or gray tile indicates that it is not in the right position. It is possible to move some of the green letters at the beginning of the game. This makes it easier. It will show you how many moves you have made.


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