Redactle is an interesting guessing game based on Wordle in which you need to guess all hard words while relaxing in the world of addictive challenges.


The word-puzzle browser game Redactle is my version of it. Today, I released it, and I want to let more people know about it! Determine the title and subject of a random Wikipedia article is the straightforward objective. The only catch is that everything but punctuation and a few common terms has been deleted from the article content. The 10,000 Vital Articles list of Wikipedia is used to select each problem, thus there is no chance of accidentally selecting a one-paragraph page on a remote community in MiddleOfNowhere. However, certain Redactles are really difficult to understand.


Enter a word in the guess box to have it displayed in the body of the page.

This term will appear in every instance.

Make an effort to identify the article's title with as few or as many accurate guesses as you can.

Each user receives the same puzzle on any given day. Every day at 11:00 AM CDT (16:00 UTC), a new puzzle will be posted.


Each difficult stage has a unique set of tiles, and there are several to complete.

Every level has an unlimited time limit.

Enhancing your capacity for original thought is essential.

Learn how to answer questions and solve puzzles.

Two skills that should be developed are patience and focus.

It's a great idea to practice strategic thinking and remembering.

Reflex issues need to be resolved.

Develop new ways of thinking in your mind.

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