Septle is an exciting word-puzzle game (seven-letter daily word game) that is harder than Wordle and you need to complete the board correctly!

How to Play Septle

The rules are pretty simple. After eight tries, the seven-letter hidden word must be guessed. You have to figure out and enter any word on the first line to start. If the letter was predicted and put in the right place, it will be shown in green. When it is placed in the wrong place, this is highlighted with yellow color. If it is not in the term, it will be shown in gray.

Rules for Success

Septle is like Wordle, but instead of four letters, it has seven.
There are eight ways to guess the Septle.
Each try must be a 7-letter word that means something.
After each try, the color of the letters changes to show how close you are to getting the word.
To send it, press "Enter."
When a game is over for the day, players can move on to another one.

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