Squabble is an awesome word-guessing game in the spin-off Wordle series and you can immerse yourself in the world of a rapid-paced royale-style puzzle game.


Squabble is a word-guessing game for many players that was inspired by Wordle. In Ottomated's 2022 release, the battle royale word game pairs players with random users to quickly decipher a secret word in a back-and-forth format, gaining or losing points with each round. There are two game modes: Royale, where more players are gradually eliminated, and Blitz, where there are fewer players.

Select the round type you want to participate in, then register (or play as a guest if you want). Start a game, join a lobby, or input a code a buddy sent you. Enter the word READY to enter the game. You'll then enter the game after that. Guess your word quickly; this is similar to Wordle but moves much more quickly. If you predict slowly or wrong, you'll be removed from the competition.


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