Star Wordle

Star Wordle

Star Wordle is an awesome word game in the most interesting Wordle series and it is a brand-new rival made just for Star Wars enthusiasts. 


In Star Wordle, only words having ties to a galaxy far, far away are allowed in this Wordle, which was made by Aurebesh Files. It also has a delete key that is designed like the one on the Millennium Falcon.

If "darth" or "vader" are your go-to first-guess words, try Star Wordle. The secret words in this variant game include expressions and names connected to the Star Wars universe and fandom. Examples of words from the game's instructions include "grogu" and "saber."

It functions similarly to Wordle, with green denoting a correct letter in the proper location and yellow denoting a correct letter in the improper placement. For droid-related purposes, numbers are also permitted

It appears to be simpler at first glance. There are only a handful of words that clearly relate to Star Wars among the 9,000 five-letter keywords that Wordle can theoretically choose from in the most recent Scrabble Dictionary.

The online game is easy to understand. You have six chances to correctly guess the five-letter daily secret word. When a letter turns green, it means you successfully identified it and that it is in the right spot. When a letter is missing from a word or phrase, it is indicated by a yellow tile. If it turns gray, it's back to square one.

The user interface mimics the minimalist design of the game. The website is uncomplicated and free of any unwanted adverts or pictures. Fans must maximize their daily word because they only receive one.

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