Daniel Baamonde developed the code-cracking logic games Symble. While it resembles Wordle's, the clues are more difficult to understand. Your goal is to figure out the 5-letter code word in just eight attempts.

How to play

Five different game modes can be selected by using the first three icons located at top right.

Everyone receives the Daily Puzzle's same word. The word changes at midnight.

You can play "infinite mode" for as many hours as you like. Each time you play, random words will be displayed.

In just 5 minutes, you can race against the clock. How many Symble puzzles will you be able to solve in just 5 minutes?

Live Blitz Battle, the most difficult Symble games, is also available. In real-time, you can play 5 minute Blitz against an opponent or a friend. Average guesses will be used to break ties in relation to the number of words that were solved. Be the best player of Symble

The Custom Puzzle mode allows you to create your own Symble Puzzle by choosing any five letters as the solution. The unique URL containing the solution to your puzzle will be copied onto the clipboard after you have generated the puzzle. Have fun with your friends, and challenge them to solve the puzzle.
You can easily share your game results to friends, and you can view your statistics via the menu accessible by clicking on the icon in the middle. Symble has a different strategy and gameplay than Wordle.

There are some rules to success

Every time you play Symble you will get three symbols with a unique meaning. If you are trying to guess a word in Symble then you will see a series five symbols overlaid on an invisible version. Each symbol corresponds the letter immediately below in the invisible answer. It is important to remember that the symbols correspond only to the letters of the answer.

Here's an example that illustrates what each of these symbols can be used for. In order to help you play, the answer will be displayed over the symbols. The answer wouldn't be displayed in a true game. You will see that SHAKE is the solution to a Symble problem. You don't yet know this so please find the word "THICK". The image below depicts the five symbols.

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