Tridle is an interesting word game in the never-ending chain of Wordle series in which you need to solve three Wordles at the same time.



Tridle, like Wordle, bases its solution set and list of words that qualify as good guesses on 5-letter words. Tridle includes three distinct grids that must all be solved in eight tries or less. Each of the three hidden words has a unique grid created just for it, and each grid functions just like a regular Wordle grid. Each grid, and subsequently each individual word, adheres exactly to Wordle's principles. Here, the grey squares are replaced by black, yet Wordle's well-known green and yellow color coding scheme is still present.


Dealing with three grids at once

As soon as you are on Tridle's game board, it is time to start using your head and enter the starting word you believe will provide you with the most details about the three secret words.

You only have 8 chances to solve this Tridle, so keep it in mind. Never predict without taking into account the hints that have been presented, and make every guest count. Let's see the development after adding NERDS and then CHALK to our Tridle.

The Tridle Keyboard

Tridle's on-site keyboard's hint display system is another crucial component. See the illustration below, and pay attention to where the letter E is situated in each of the three grids, to get a better understanding of it. The keyboard will display the letter E as three different divisions because it appears in the responses to grids 1 and 3 but not in grid 2, as is to be noted. The right division is for grid 3, the left one is for grid 1, and the middle one is for grid 2. These divisions each correspond to the color-coding of the letter for the corresponding grid.


Another Tridle can be solved if you so choose. Simply select "Continue" from the menu that appears just below the keyboard. Then choose "Play Again" from the menu that appears.

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