Motus, a French television game show, is shown on France's TV. Is it important? Motus, the French translation of Lingo's television program, is what you are looking for. 

How to do Tusmo

Tusmo, a Wordle variation that looks a lot like all three, is the closest to Motus. You can play the game in English or French. This means that those fluent in both languages will have double the fun. You can also play the game solo, with friends, or daily.

For those who have not heard of Tusmo, or any of its Internet-based variants, the rules are quite simple. You must find a word using a certain number of letters. Only the first letter is used as a hint.

The French words that can be guessed are French words and must be found within dictionaries. Each person will be given six chances to find the word. Every suggestion should begin with the letter of today. Colored letters will be displayed after the original proposal has been submitted.

The correct position of the RED letters can be found. However, the letters YELLOW are incorrectly located in the word.
The word of the day does not contain any other letters.
Even the most intelligent people will know this, but it is important to quickly find the right words. Only you need to find a solution or apply the one already provided.

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