In order to win while unwinding, you must quickly pick the five words that best describe each task in the new word-puzzle game Word Hash.


Players in the word game WordHash construct five words, each with exactly five letters.

The letters must be spelled correctly from left to right and from top to bottom for the grid to be complete. With as few failed attempts as you can, try to finish the work swiftly and effectively.

Each estimate results in a term that, in a sense, has letters that are valid. To express the precise degree of toxicity, the colors of the letters will change automatically.


In Wordle's first column, you are free to insert any five-letter word. Once the tiles have changed colors, you can try to deduce what the following words are. If you put the proper letter in the right area, the tiles will become green. Incorrect letter placement causes the tiles to turn yellow. Examine the tiles and use your knowledge to identify all the words.

Players have six chances every day to properly guess a word made up of THREE Spanish letters in the game WordleThree.

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