Wordoku is an exciting word game where you need to manage all words and letters  in the Sudoku table



Wordoku (also known as "Letter Sudoku") is a type of Sudoku that uses letters instead of numbers. The basic rules are the same as ordinary sudoku, but with letters instead of numbers: use each letter precisely once in every row, column, and 3x3 section.

Wordoku has an intriguing twist: the diagonal cells from top left to bottom right must spell a common English word. Knowing this adds a new dimension to the challenge, allowing you to consider possible words or letter sequences.

It is acceptable to repeat the same letter in the solution word in the most popular types of Wordoku puzzles, as long as the letters are not repeated inside the same region, row, or column.


Wordoku is a word game for everyone.

Playing Wordoku is simple, easy, and intuitive

There are hundreds of levels awaiting you, each with thousands of words! 

You'll like this game if you're a great fan of Ortordle: Wordoku

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