A Diction

A Diction

A Diction is an excellent word puzzle game in which you must guess the correct word, similar to Octordle and Phrazle, based on the color box's directions!



There are only five opportunities to correctly guess the secret word. You must be smart to accomplish this. In this game, words can only contain five letters. The proposed words may be either gray, yellow, or green. If the letter is accurately located and anticipated, it will be highlighted in green. Incorrectly placed letters will be highlighted in yellow. The misspelled word will very certainly be marked in yellow, such as gray.



You can also invite your friends and win rewards every day. 

Do not forget to use hints or enlist the assistance of a buddy. 

Have a good time with your family and friends while playing A Diction.

Magically disclose words by swiping letters.


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