Birdle 2

Birdle 2

Bridle 2 is another interesting version of Birdle game in which you need to complete the board with the animal icon while relaxing!

Instructions for Birdle 2

The Birdle Wordle game contest gives the popular word puzzle a new twist. Players have to figure out the right word from clues that look like banding codes on the image. The player can choose a color for the guess and make it as hard or easy as they want. The contest will last for one month, at the end of which a random winner will be chosen from all those who entered. This new game has gotten good reviews and gives Wordle players a unique challenge.

The idea behind the game is like that of golf. Every day, players try to guess a new word from a set of words. If the player gets the wrong word, they have to wait until the next day. The prize for the contest winner is money. In the same way, the word game Birdle is played all over the world, but it is most popular in North America. Even though the game is popular, not everyone likes it.

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