Eldrow is another interesting word game, which is similar to Wordle or Dordle. Your target in this game is to find the five-letter word and win another Eldeow solver



To clarify, Eldrow requires you to come up with a five-letter word and dare the Eldeow solver to guess it in the fewest number of turns possible. It's your job to make it take more guesses—find the longest string of hard-mode guesses you can.

Consider a five-letter word you'd like the computer to guess; I'm going to go with ROVER. Now go to the official website at the above-mentioned URL. As you can see, the first estimate has already been made here.

Eldrow follows the same set of rules and color scheme as Wordle. Here's an explanation of what they imply in the game.

-Grey: The letter is missing from the final word.

-Amber: The letter is in the final word, but it's not in the right place.

-Green: The letter is in the correct position and appears in the final word.

The roles are inverted in Eldrow, therefore mark the letters in the guessed word, Grey, Amber, or Green.

By clicking on the letters, you may change their color. They'll turn amber with the first click and green with the second.


-Eldrow's Easy mode is modeled by Wordle's Hard mode. When you select this mode, the computer must verify that the correct letter position given in the preceding estimate is rigorously adhered to. Because R is perfectly positioned, the computer can only make predictions where R appears in the second place.

-Color Blind Mode: Color Blind Mode was created specifically for players who are colorblind and can't see the difference between different hues. When the color blind mode is enabled, the green tile becomes orange and the yellow tile becomes blue.

-High-Contrast Mode: You can use High-Contrast Mode to make the colors on your screen pop and avoid eye strain. In the image below, notice the color boost.

You need to connect all letters to spell out all words

This game is suitable for both children and adults because it allows you to exercise your brain while having fun.

It is simple to learn and play, but mastering it may be difficult.

You can become a global expert by taking the Microsoft Wordament.

Anybody who enjoys word games like Octordle will enjoy this game.

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