Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt is an exciting word game in which you need to collect all words in the correct order to accomplish all idioms in the right format


The final goal of Idiom Hunt is to complete as many levels as you can thanks to collecting all words in the correct order. 

You must dive all the way into a word to collect it. As you collect the words, they will show up at the top of the screen. 

At the bottom of the screen are the supplied words, which are all the words that make up the idiomatic phrase displayed at random. At the bottom of the page, there's also a description, or definition, of the phrase.


You need to make an effort to figure out the format of the words to complete the idioms when eluding dangers

This game can help you exercise your brain and absolutely, it will relieve stress for you

Idiom Hunt is also suitable for kids, you can play this game with kids to improve their brain function and strengthen bonds between family members or partners

If you are a big fan of Octordle and Word Search you will have fun with this game - Idiom Hunt

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