Thank you for coming to Lettershot Wordle! You can play Lettershot every day. It's a fun word game. You can guess letters to find a word based on what the instructions say.

Instructions for Lettershot

Lettershot is a new and fun game where you have to find the secret word. You can't use Wordle; you have to find the word in the letters that are given.

This new game is very simple. To see the answer as a colored dot, all you have to do is click on a letter. If you choose the right word, the first row will have blue. Then you can use clues to figure out what the hidden word is.


Try to guess the word for today! Pick a letter to try to figure out and click "Check." Depending on how well you guessed, the letter will turn green or red if you were right. Where the right letters belong in the word will be shown. There are 12 chances for you to find all the letters.

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