A fun puzzle game called "Moo-rdle" requires you to determine the word that has to do with cows (this game is inspired by Wordle and Cows & Bulls).



The headache-inducing puzzle Moordle was created as inspiration for Wordle. The Moordle problem might be solved nine different ways. Each guess must be a distinct five-letter term that is not used anywhere. Following each guess, there will be colors rather than boxes that indicate the correct answer. You may guess the number of COWs or BULLs with the game The Moo-rdle.


Every estimate must include a real five-letter word. Please press the enter key to submit.

Both the COWs and the BULLs will be shown in each guess.

A COW indicates that although the appropriate letter is there in your guess, it is not in the proper place.

If you get a BULL, your guess contains the right letter in the right spot.

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