Nerdle is one of the most popular word games featuring swapping letters for numbers in which you need to make guesses on the tiles 



Every guess is based on computation.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + - * / or = can be used.

There must be one "=" in it.

It can only have a number to the right of the "=", no other calculations are allowed.

The standard order of operations applies, thus calculate * and / before + and -, for example, 3+2*5=13 instead of 25!

If the correct answer is 10+20=30, we'll take 20+10=30 as well (unless you disable 'commutative answers' in options).

When you make guesses, the tiles will change color to show whether you're correct, incorrect, or in the wrong spot, similar to Wordle and Octordle.

Green tiles indicate that the number is correct and in the proper location. Purple indicates that it is present in the solution but at the incorrect location. If a tile turns black, it indicates that it is not part of the word.

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