Spellie is a great word puzzle game that has the most interesting and suitable version for kids, and you have to correctly pronounce all the daily words within six tries while relaxing.


Due to its ease of use, this simple hobby has become very popular. With 3 difficulty levels, you get six chances to correctly guess the daily word. If you can figure it out, you can share it on social media with your friends.

In six attempts, they figured out the secret word.

There must be a valid 5 or 4-letter word on each attempt.

To indicate how close you are to hitting the word after each attempt, the color of the letters changes.

If a box yields the symbol, that letter is not present in the secret word at all.

Despite not being in that location, the letter is still present in the word.

indicates that the letter is correctly positioned within the word and in the word as a whole.

Midnight local time sees a change in the puzzle.


Using the feedback to limit your choices, you have six (6) chances to correctly guess the word of the day.

The letter "w" appears in the word and is placed correctly.

The word contains the letter r, but it's in the wrong place.

Nowhere in the word do the letters o or d appear.


Spellie has a number of settings. From a selection, pick your preferred options for:

You can earn awards for spelling and creativity by collecting any of the 600+ emojis.

kinder, more kid-friendly hues

Uppercase or lowercase letters in a kid-friendly font

You can insert letters in any sequence.

Keyboard in alphabetical order (optional)

allows suppositions that are not lexical (optional)

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