Squirdle is a wonderful puzzle game for Pokemon fans in which you make an effort to figure out all answers of a Mystery Pokemon collectively within 8 tries.

How to play Squirdle

The "Try Squirdle Daily!" button can be used to play the game in the daily mode. You can begin speculating on the mystery Pokemon as soon as you choose the mode. In eight turns or less, your objective is to determine the identity of a mystery Pokemon. Then click "Submit" after entering a random Pokemon name. A series of hints will then appear, guiding you toward the correct response. You can tell if you accurately predicted an aspect if you see a green Pokeball with a tick mark. However, you have utterly misjudged the aspect if you notice a Red Pokeball with a cross mark. The Generation, Height, and Weight fields will also each have a blue Pokeball with an arrow pointing up or down. The Up arrow indicates that the mystery Pokemon's Generation, Height, and Weight are higher than those of the speculated Pokemon. The Down arrow, on the other hand, denotes the complete opposite. It advises that you choose a Pokemon from a previous generation, one whose height and weight are smaller. Below the game, you will also see a list of the Pokemon types.

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