In the beautifully drawn Worldle spin-off game Thirtle, you have to guess the right word as quickly as you can with a finite number of trials!

Playing Thirtle involves solving 30 riddles in the shortest amount of time feasible. A fluid, quick-paced animation is used to portray this traditional word-guessing game. Use this Wordle clone to put your vocabulary and patience to the test.



Find a five-letter word in Thirty at random. Pay close attention to the gray, yellow, and orange lettering. If these letters are part of a cryptic word, they will become clear.
The correct letter is shown with orange writing.
The letter is in the other parts of the word if the word is highlighted in yellow.
If these letters are gray, they don't belong together.
To go on to the next word, you must discover the hidden word within six tries.
At the start of the game, try to utilize as many vowels and as few repetition letters as you can. You should be able to compose at least 30 words in a row. You can retry if you omit a word. After finishing the quiz, you may either snap images of it or post your results on social media.

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