Wheel of Rewards

Wheel of Rewards

Wheel of Rewards is a fun puzzle game where you have to try hard not to go bankrupt or run out of lives.


Spin the wheel, guess the letter, and figure out the puzzle. If you spin the wheel, you can earn money that you can use to buy more vowels. Find the letters in the puzzle and figure out how they fit together to get extra rewards. Do not go bankrupt! Your luck will depend on how well you solve the puzzle. Answer questions about things like: what people worry about, what they do at 3 a.m., and more. – What Does Work Look Like? There are also other interesting topics, like "Special Occasions" and "Common Excuses for Not Going to Work." Are you an addict who can't wait to get the rewards that are just around the corner? You might be someone who likes to get rewards and has a sweet tooth. Is there anyone who doesn't like how sweet a lollipop tastes? Or the joy of holding a brand-new toy in their hands? Those who play rewards have so much more fun than those who don't. It's a fun and addicting game that can give you the push you need to get things done. People who get rewards are more likely to try new things and take advantage of new chances. Let's talk about the game and what you need to know before you start to play.

Important parts

A new and lively theme for a game show.

You have to solve more than 200 puzzles.

You start with 10 lives.

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