World trivia

World trivia

It's fun to guess the names of all the objects and locations in these photographs in the peaceful game of World Trivia."


We are surrounded by many stunning structures, locations, and historical landmarks. Frequently, they are ignored. The designers made a game to take players on an entertaining and informative voyage throughout the world. You can explore the most beautiful locations and hitherto unexplored vistas with the help of the game. It is not sufficient to simply glance at the image; you also need to move your head around and remember what it is named or where this memo is. You will need to create a word from the letters that will appear underneath the picture on your screen. By filling in the proper letters, you can infer the names and locations of the items or sites that are depicted in the photographs. From left to right, or first to last, enter the letters. Any unnecessary letters can likewise be omitted. Five questions make up each set.

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